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ReferralGENIE is a great answer to hours of research on the best way to capture new clients as the service converts my “cold database” into prospects.

Denyse Z

It helps with branding myself and then getting great referrals from past clients.

Scott A

The ReferralGENIE service assists me in growing my database. The thing that attracted me to ReferralGENIE is that it offers value to those in my database. It is a thank you for keeping me top of mind reference. I look forward to sharing the valuable home owner’s network app to my contacts.

Kathy S

ReferralGENIE helps me focus on building business within my sphere. I like that they help me become more successful by offering great tools to my clients plus calling and emailing my database.

Katie N

Thousand of Agents rely on ReferralGENIE™ for valuable marketing and total home support. Read Our Reviews

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ReferralGENIE is a powerful real estate lead generation marketing solution loved by thousands of real estate agents and Realtors ® all across the nation. We understand marketing and how to build a referral customer-for-life program so you can stay top-of-mind. Our powerful solution allows real estate agents to stay in touch with their clients and prospects for the entire life-cycle of the home ownership experience. We assist real estate agents with referral and lead generation and improve referral rates from past clients by keeping in touch with consistent, useful and powerful messaging. Agents in today’s digital age are busy and overwhelmed with the many options they have and have found that ReferralGENIE is a proven solution to assist with client engagement. Our industry leading engagement is amped up by our powerful Concierge Welcome call program.