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Real Estate Closing Gifts

We surveyed Realtors recently and one of the most popular real estate agent closing gift ideas
is to give your clients a gift card to a favorite restaurant or home improvement store. While this
is a great gesture, why would we expect past clients to be able to remember us vividly a few
years from now? Everyone learns and remembers through repetition, by doing the exact same
activity over and over and that is how large brands establish themselves over time.

Present Powerful and Engaging Messaging to your Past Clients over the
life-cycle of Home Ownership.

Stop Chasing Leads and work your past clients instead with mobile referral lead-gen
bundled in a real estate agent closing gift.

ReferralGENIE™ is the leader of referral relationship management technology in the industry.

Real estate agents effectively improve their time management by working past happy clients,
rather than chasing potential leads that you have no relationship with.
Most closing gifts in the industry rely on the good feeling given at the time; however that feel-
good feeling soon fades as does a coveted top-of-mind status. Our unique approach embeds
your branding in a service used by your clients while they are living their daily lives. Everyone
loves saving money and making things easier in their home. We take care of all of that for your
clients and brand you within our app and website creating referral acquisition opportunities.

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