• What do your agents do post-closing to generate more referrals?
  • If each agent in your office increases referral rates by just 10% – what would that do for your numbers?

A productivity solution for brokers that leverages past relationships into new ones.

A system for brokers that engages agents for long term loyalty.

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We can provide your agents a program that improves company perception by providing strong value.  Gifts cards and fruit baskets don’t cut it as closing gifts in today’s technology times. Our unique membership provides a service to your clients to create high engagement rates that solicit referrals on your agent’s behalf. We help to automate and increase referrals post-closing. Period!

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Keep your agents efficient

Most agents spend their time finding the next client, not working on referrals from recent happy clients.  ReferralGENIE™ reminds your clients that your company found them a great home, that they were happy with the service and most importantly – that your office and agent deserve the referrals.  We help your agents continue to find new clients and work towards improving retention and incoming referrals on multiple fronts.