ReferralGENIE is a great answer to hours of research on the best way to capture new clients as the service converts my “cold database” into prospects.

It helps with branding myself and then getting great referrals from past clients.

The ReferralGENIE service assists me in growing my database. The thing that attracted me to ReferralGENIE is that it offers value to those in my database. It is a thank you for keeping me top of mind reference. I look forward to sharing the valuable home owner’s network app to my contacts.

ReferralGENIE helps me focus on building business within my sphere. I like that they help me become more successful by offering great tools to my clients plus calling and emailing my database.

This system just makes so much sense from start to finish. Build your business from existing business. The team is so committed to “OUR” success and the ability to share memberships that have value too.

The day after I started with ReferralGENIE I already had a testimonial uploaded and a past client that I had worked with over year ago has reached out to me to buy a house! I believe this service is what I’ve been looking for!

I think ReferralGENIE is phenomenal. To me, it is a revolution on how we promote our businesses. I have never seen something like that. I am new to ReferralGENIE but from what they told me they will do for my business, I am already super excited.

I believe that success in the real estate business depends on how well I can make past and potential clients remember me for their future real estate needs. So, keeping a constant contact with clients is something that I have always struggled with, and now, I feel that ReferralGenie service just comes in handy.

The idea of contacting my data base throughout the month is daunting. And critical. There are so many features on the system that do this, calls emails, newsletters and alerts. Wonderful.

ReferralGENIE is helping me stay in touch with past clients on a personal level and offers discounts on services that every homeowner uses as well as a comprehensive list of vendors they can call on, resulting in more referrals from clients who remember me when they hear someone say real estate!

ReferralGENIE keeps my name and image in front of my clients. That increases exposure and business.

I’m very pleased with the professionalism of the ReferralGENIE team. I’m impressed with many aspects of ReferralGENIE such as the referrals, the personalized newsletter where I have input into it each and every month, as well as their branded Welcome Calls on my behalf. The referrals will be a huge benefit to my business and for its growth in the Lowcountry. I’m looking forward to a consistent and worthwhile working relationship with ReferralGENIE.

ReferralGENIE always keeps my past clients remembering me.

I stay very busy…much busier than I would like to be. Much of it is due to the fact that I am not well organized. ReferralGENIE helps me stay on top of many things that I have been neglecting due to time factors.

ReferralGENIE helps my business grow and keep my clients happy and connected to me.

ReferralGENIE helps me stay top of mind with past clients and helps with lead generation.

ReferralGENIE helps me keep in contact with past and present clients as well as giving regulatory courtesy calls to prospects.

ReferralGENIE is an invaluable asset to my growing business. I am excited about giving my clients their accounts at HON!

ReferralGENIE keeps my name and info in front of my clients/customers.

Currently I do not do any advertising for business. I am 100% referral based. ReferralGENIE assists with more referrals and growing my business.

ReferralGENIE helps me stay top of mind with past clients, also with prospects in my pipeline, which will enable me to get more referrals.

ReferralGenie is very helpful in keeping and making my name come first to mind when a consumer is interested in selling or buying a home.

ReferralGENIE gets the “touches” and “referrals” to my clients and friends to remind them of me. I want them to remember me when they know someone moving in or out of the area!

ReferralGENIE keeps me top of mind with my clients. I want them to think of me when someone asks them about a real estate agent.

ReferralGENIE provides referrals/leads/added business. The coaching enables me to take advantage of what is offered in a really effective manner.

ReferralGENIE helps with one of the most neglected parts of my Real Estate business. Keeping in touch with the great people who are past clients and giving away something of value to promote referrals.

Being introduced to this company and all the benefits they provide couldn’t have come along at a better time. I had been wanting to introduce many of the things ReferralGENIE offers into my business and this allows me to take care of branding, referrals, bios, monthly newsletters, reviews and much more all with one company.

I love that ReferralGENIE keeps my customers and myself connected. The personal phone calls are awesome.

I am so excited to see how my business will blossom with ReferralGENIE. Looking forward to a long successful business relationship.

Ready to utilize the Home Owners Network as an excellent tool for my clients and potential clients.

Ii look forward to what Referral GENIE has to offer to my clients. I particularly like the concierge feature to cater to their needs as well as the referral incentives you offer.

It is easier to keep in touch with past clients and to offer something they can benefit from.

ReferralGENIE helps me stay in front of my contacts. When they think of a Real Estate agent, I hope on top of their minds.

Help me stay in front of my clients. Gives them an item of interest that will give me a good reason to call to discuss the email.

Love how simple yet powerful ReferralGENIE is! This tool is great for clients piece of mind, that we will have their backs 24/7! I love the 15 min response!

ReferralGENIE helps me keep in front of my customers more often, so that I stay top of mind.

Keeping old and new clients engaged in conversation helps my business grow, both through referrals and mind share.

This greatly assists me with my back office work.

I am excited about using ReferralGENIE as a popby and a closing gift to include in my closing basket as added value to my services offered.

Enjoying all these great tools and having your team help my team reach my goal of 45 transactions this year~ #celebrationcomingin2017

ReferralGENIE adds value to my clients as their agent and helps me stay top of mind with them as well.

I’m very excited about the many aspects of the ReferraLGENIE program and how it can be used to manage and obtain new clients. I’ve already put links to social media and to my email signature lines requesting reviews while promoting myself. I really like how it links in to make my Zillow site even better.

The ReferralGENIE program helps my past clients keep me top of mind for future referrals.

ReferralGENIE helps me keep in touch with my past and present customers in order to get their referrals. Staying in front of the customer is very important.

ReferralGENIE keeps me in touch with past clients, reminding them of the great service I provided, and will help grow my business.

ReferralGENIE helps with the follow ups with my past clients and keeps my name in mind for future business.

ReferralGENIE helps me forge an even stronger relationship with my BEST clients by giving them a really nice product and encouraging them to think more positively of me more often.

I am very excited about working with the professionals at ReferralGENIE. The personal followup that they provide will broaden and strengthen my network and bond my clients closer to me resulting in more referrals.

I’m excited about the welcome calls. Finding time to do this task is time consuming. The fact that ReferralGENIE will do this is a wonderful service they offer.

ReferralENIE is doing so much for me already. Everything that is offered with you is second to none. Your people are patient, helpful and the know their job. They are professional and seem to care about helping others.

As an active sole agent, it is very challenging to stay in touch with past clients and offer each of them incentives for their referrals. ReferralGENIE offers an opportunity for me to shore up this weakness in my business.

I hate cold calling unless I have a reason, and I love to give my clients something they will really use. I am looking forward to you solving my problem of not having time to stay in touch with my database.

I am excited to be partnering with ReferralGENIE! They have gone above and beyond to help me provide this free membership to my clients!

ReferralGENIE keeps my name in front of my clients and generates additional leads.

I find that ReferralGENIE is and will continue to be a great addition to my business. Keeping in contact with your network whether it is a past client, family, friend or prospect is vital to a thriving business with intent to grow and sustain. I have already received lots of praises from my previous clients for their HON memberships. When you can continue to provide services to your client after the sale it becomes priceless. Thank you referral genie I look forward to your continued great contributions to my business.

ReferralGENIE will help keep my database in order, along with the app I believe I will see a significant increase in my business.

I am so excited by how much ReferralGENIE will improve my referral business. As a single agent I struggle to find the time to keep in contact with all of my past clients, friends and family. Having ReferralGENIE as a partner keeping me in touch with my database pays huge dividends!

ReferralGENIE gives me another point of service than the same old website and seasonal cards, and it actually offers my clients a tool and other resources.

I’m excited to get help from ReferralGENIE to stay in touch with my clients and to offer them additional services for their home!

I’m really excited about the marketing aspect of this service. The ability to provide my clients and friends with services that are important for any homeowner. I look forward to having a back office that will assist me and the ability to help return vital phone calls.

I will get more time with my family instead of doing marketing and I will get more business without spending tons of money on advertising. I know that my customers will enjoy and use your services.

Follow-up with past past clients is my biggest challenge, and referralGENIE makes that easy. I also like the gifts I can use as a closing gift.

ReferralGENIE will help me keep in touch with my previous Buyers and Sellers and keep me top of mind for referrals.
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ReferralGENIE is interactive and offers a win for the clients and for the Realtor. The customer has immediate access to services and rewards based on referring their favorite agent. The REALTOR has a valuable gift to give to clients. ReferralGENIE also gives clients incentives to keep their agent top of mind by rewarding their referral. I also like the fact that I will have advocates calling during the year to follow up with my “people”. That’s just another touch to keep them remembering me….their favorite agent.
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I think this is an awesome idea and I don’t have the dedicated time to make the calls and it is important that my database still receives touches from me on a regular basis!
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Referral Genie provide me with the opportunity to provide customers, clients and prospects with a valuable home owners resource center, while at the same time reinforcing my relationship every time they use it.
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Client Referrals are a major portion of my business. Being able to offer HON memberships will not only be a valued gift but also allow me to stay top of mind with these clients after the closing.
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Finally, something affordable with great value to keep me in front of my clients, provide great service and build relationships with prospective clients and my preferred partners.
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ReferralGENIE will help me maintain a closer relationship with my past and present clients in a more personal way.
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I am pleased I have another opportunity to give my clients the best service I can with the ReferralGenie app, my clients now have peace of mind knowing they have an app that gives them emergency service response from local vendors but also offers money saving discounts and offers, a great product!
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Referrals are the life line for my business. Referrals are the best compliment from family and friends. I feel ReferralGENIE will help me gain the referrals necessary to build a healthy business necessary to live a life worth living for and with my family.

I am excited about ReferralGENIE helping me to grow my real estate business! It is user friendly and the live help is patient and knowledgeable with all my tech difficulties. I am looking forward to keeping in touch with my past and future clients by providing them with this lasting useful gift.
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ReferralGENIE helps me to keep contact with my clients and help to grow my network and customers list.

The system acts as an assistant for me–a plus for a busy agent. As well, takes care of my clients and their home maintenance questions or needs for those times when I can’t be at their side.
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My first introduction to referral genie got me excited about the various features of the program. The staff was professional, knowledgeable, and excited. Unlimited membership means the sky is the limit. The follow up with prospects, the welcome call, and the generation of leads appears to be a successful system.

The biggest challenge many agents have today is marketing time. ReferralGENIE solves that!

Referrals and top search ranking are very important. ReferralGenie helps boost my placement and online presence.
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ReferralGENIE is a very user friendly system. I’m very excited about the additional business it will bring to our team.

ReferralGENIE assists my business by providing value added coupons to my customers, as well as providing an option for preferred vendors to be seen.

ReferralGenie is going to help my to continue to engage my past clients and network, and be the first agent on their mind.

I’m excited about having Referral Genie on my side to help generate referrals to grow my business.
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My team is excited about making this program available to our clients. We just received our welcome package and had orientation, and so far we’re very impressed with what this will enable us to do for our clients.

With the apps and the newsletters, I get more referrals and more clients.

I’m hoping to get more referrals by being at the top of the search.

I am excited to know that they will take care of touching base with clients for me and sending campaigns, etc.
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I think this product will add another point of contact throughout each year, helping me stay top of mind. I am excited to see if it will work.

I love the ReferralGENIE Service because it basically runs itself. Once I give them my clients contact information, ReferralGENIE contacts them, offers the service, asks for referrals and testimonials, provides a newsletter with informative articles and I sit back and enjoy the referrals. Awesome service and I look forward to our continued partnership!
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ReferralGENIE Representative Hillary was very professional and provided the the best review I have had in quite sometime. She covered and explain the logistics of the program very clearly. I would encourage anyone to listen to her presentation.

ReferralGENIE helps me in many different areas but the main one will be to get me focused again on my database and customer contact.

I love the idea that I can gift people upon meeting and connecting with them and that they can share my branding very easily.
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The customer service and follow up has been excellent. It is very impressive to have a company that works for me and much as I work for my customers and clients. I look forward to being able to refer ReferralGENIE over to other agents for their businesses.
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I know that referrals are important, most of my business is done by referrals. I’m excited to get started on this new program. ReferralGENIE is helping me with things that I do not have time to do for myself.
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ReferralGENIE will help me keep track of my clients and create database of previous clients that will continually grow.
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We are excited that with ReferralGENIE it will be so easy to reach out to our past clients, family and friends to offer them something of value and ask for their referrals. They are busy at work for me while I am busy transacting real estate. Great way to leverage my time!

ReferralGENIE enables me to build a better network and referral system.
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ReferralGENIE helps others work with you in supporting what we do as real estate agents.
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I was very impressed with Hillary and her knowledge of the product. Hillary was a pleasure to talk with and helpful in getting this program up and running.

Great to have a professional in-person touch to clients!
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I am very pleased with the knowledge and support that your company has supplied so far. They are helping me do things that I have no idea of how to accomplish. So very excited to get to the next step, thank you!

ReferralGENIE provides a valuable service to help keep my name in my clients minds when they think of real estate! I also like the benefits they receive as well.
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There are never enough hours to keep in touch with all my old clients. ReferralGENIE focuses on putting my former sellers and buyers in one place, add my family and friends and then allow me to focus on selling while leveraging the small $ investment in Referral Genie to contact my referrals/clients.
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I am excited to be incorporating Referral Genie into my business and having my clients benefit from the services offered. Staying in consistent contact with clients is a challenge but with the added help ReferralGENIE is a plus!

Great customer support! Great feedback!

These guys have been very attentive and helpful. Let’s face it, referrals are what keep us in business and I can’t wait to see them rolling in!

The program is great and the personal customer service had been first class! I am excited to be using ReferralGENIE!
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Casey at ReferralGENIE was great! He explained in detail all the benefits of this program and how to get it to work to gain more business. He answered all our questions and spent extra time making sure we understood the program. We are looking forward to putting this program into motion and not only helping us form new business relationships but helping our clients with the home purchase well after the sale in complete.
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Your services have been excellent so far. You commitment to my goals is beyond my expectations. When promised to call you are on the mark and the briefing and education is very rewarding.

So far so good. I haven’t had much of a chance to dive into the services but I am excited about moving forward!

Even though I’m a new client of ReferralGENIE, I can see the value in what they offer me and what I’ll be able to offer my clients. The staff is very supportive and helpful. I believe my clients will love their service and I expect to get many referrals coming my way because of it. Thank you ReferralGENIE!
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ReferralGENIE’s staff has been super nice and easy to work with. They are going out of their way to customize a plan that will work best for me and my clients. Their services, in conjunction with the wonderful offer of the Home Owners Network membership, are sure to be a hit with my current and past clients. I’m looking forward to getting this offer out to all my clients and hope it will generate additional clients and business in the future.
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ReferralGENIE is very savvy and enthusiastic about helping me keep in contact with my people. They do a lot of behind the scenes work to give free gifts to my people while I am out in the field personally helping my clients.
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So far ReferralGENIE has been great to work with, honest, timely and responsive. I look forward to continue working with them in them in the future. I am excited to obtain referrals by working with the tools and resources they have to offer!
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Very helpful client support. Having you guys download my contacts for me into your service was a great help.
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I am excited about Referral Genie. I moved to another state and need to re-engage some of my clients. This is just the solution!

The service has me excited about the success possibilities!
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Both Hillary & Joey have been very responsive throughout the setup process. We are looking forward to seeing the results!!
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I’ve been in the business for 14 years & I have to say referrals are my bread & butter! Had a client just yesterday say, “We really appreciate what you were able to deliver! Job well done!” That right there is what’s up!!
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I am loving my new ReferralGENIE Service! I couldn’t be more impressed with the support staff and the incredible system they’ve put together for growing my referral business. I don’t know of a better tool for taking the burden off of your shoulders when it comes to providing value to clients and potential clients alike in a way that is both easy, affordable, and effective. Best marketing spend I’ve found to date.
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I enjoyed my referral training session. They explained how the service works and even helped me set up my first referral partner. They gave me good advice for using the service and helped me get ready to use it properly.
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My initial contact with Joey Anthros was very informative and showed me the advantages of increasing my leads and referrals through the Referral Genie and HomeOwners Network. I look forward to getting my contacts and customers signed up in the network and enhancing my website.
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ReferralGENIE does wonders helping me to stay in touch with past clients and to build relationship with many vendors. Thank you!
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My Referral guide today was great and she did a wonderful job guiding me around the program for Referral Genie and getting me set up.
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HON has outstanding customer service and does an excellent job getting you up and running!
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We had some website sharing issues but Hillary was very good at explaining things. I really feel she knew the program well enough to explain it to me without all the slides. I have had a very pleasant experience so far. There is a lot of information so I am looking forward to getting some hand on experience with the program.
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Hillary was very informative and thorough in her presentation of the HON tools.
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I am just starting with Referral Genie. The experience so far has been good. The Customer Service has been great. I was pleased to find that a lot of the work I was supposed to do setting up my profile was already completed for me before the appointment. I am looking forward to a mutually beneficial relationship.
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ReferralGENIE made it easy for me. Explaining the process one step at a time and always giving me time to ask questions. My referral specialist provided her direct line for help by phone, text, or by email. Thank you!
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I have been extremely pleased with this service.  It is simple to use and a great ongoing service for my clients that provides a long lasting impression.  As opposed to gifting my clients something that will be gone in a day or two, this is a useful tool they can potentially use on a daily basis.  They also provide me with additional monthly marketing through their customizable newsletter.

I can see the value it brings to them in the form of discounted products and expert technical help right from their smart phone….With my branding supplied to all newsletters, it allows me to be kept “in mind” for anyone that may need my services in the future. In addition, the ease of adding a client to the network is a snap. A definite winning combination!

I think RG makes the best referral program in the industry.  It keeps your name in front of the client through the agent branded newsletter and provides great tips as well as providing clients a way to refer you to their family and friends.  This product is great and I recommend it to everyone.


…I think your product is great and am looking forward to working with you.  I will definitely use it and refer you business.