3 Ways To Get More Homeowner Reviews

Jack Sweet
August 29th, 2016


We here at ReferralGENIE™ see reviews every time we reach out to test a new product, or maybe even when we wonder why another agent is doing so well! Well that’s because they are an effective way to make sure that you stay in the running when being considered online. Don’t you hate it when a potential client decided to work with a competing agent because they had more reviews than you? No, you don’t hate that and I will tell you why right now. You didn’t even realize that was happening to you! Do I have your attention now? Let’s begin getting more homeowner reviews.

Ask for them!

It’s a little silly, but so true. The majority of your clients would love to give you an awesome review. After all, they decided to buy a home with you and not “the other guy” for a reason. However, some of them might not realize that telling others about their experience is an option.

Ask at the right time!

If you aren’t asking while it’s fresh on their mind, you aren’t getting a homeowner review. That’s just the way it is in this world. We are all busy and we forget things. Try asking them at the end of important communications or after you produce results. That’s the best time to get feedback!

Give them something!

Incentives make the world go round! Give and take relationships work so well because the feeling of winning is one that I have never seen anyone dislike. There are even many services like ReferralGENIE™ that will not only collect these client reviews for you, saving time but also giving them awesome incentives on your behalf.

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Jack Sweet is with the ReferralGENIE™ Account Management Program at ReferralGENIE™. Jack helps real estate agents all over the country grow their business through effective and powerful marketing, presented consistently throughout the home ownership life-cycle. Have questions? Visit the ReferralGENIE™website for more information and a free trial of their referral generation service.