Grow Your Network – Add Members!

Referral Genie
December 7th, 2016

Here at ReferralGENIE™ we strive to keep our clients top of mind in the lives of their clients. We love generating referrals for our agents, when one of their past clients is talking with someone about buying or selling a home.

This week we want to focus on giving away memberships, and how easy it is to grow your database. A perfect opportunity to take advantage of this is at an open house and you can do this from any of your wireless devices. Also make sure to call Kayla and ask about our open house sign-in sheets at 678-567-6330 ext. 216.


On the app and website, you are able to add as many members as your subscription allows. From your smart phone, you can simply click “Add a Member” and enter the four fields of information required. First name, last name, email, and a phone number. This sends a welcome email to that individual and locks them into your network for the remainder of your partnership with ReferralGENIE™.

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