4 Reasons Why Remarketing is Perfect for Real Estate

Referral Genie
November 11th, 2016


A Second Chance

Everyone deserves a second chance! A potential client who has checked in via app or website, and then decided to walk from your open house or encounter, for whatever reason, previously meant you lost them. Not anymore, remarketing offers amazing opportunities to remain top of mind and salvage this relationship. This means automatically following up with them during the most important time, when they are looking to buy!

Large-Scale Reach

The demographic for remarketing is massive. Does your client use the internet? Is there anyone out there that does NOT use the internet? This means that if you can reach them via technology then you can remarket to them. Virtually every tool in the Real Estate business offers you this opportunity. They even have services like ReferralGENIE™ that will do it for you! No viable reason exists to lose opportunities to grow by allowing your contacts to see someone else.

Branding Growth

Remarketing does amazing things for your branding growth. The amount of times that someone experiences your branding are directly correlated to how they view your business professionally. Building branding based on limited ad space or organic search listings alone can take a long time, and not really convey your services properly. Remarketing is amazing at recapturing the lead when the majority of that traffic is otherwise not going to convert into a sale, or leave, and never return.

Increasing Conversion

I once read that remarketing naysayers fear the possibility of offending potential customers. This is simply not true, You can’t get something unless you ask for it. Remarketing ads offer the ability to do that. In fact, in so many studies we actually see conversion rates increase. We have to realize that people have lives to live. Remarketing will give them that gentle nudge you need to remind them to return to your site. Also, you are constantly building rapport by showing them your ever growing brand.

Jack Sweet is with the ReferralGENIE™ Account Management Program at ReferralGENIE™. Jack helps real estate agents all over the country grow their business through effective and powerful marketing, presented consistently throughout the home ownership life-cycle. Have questions? Visit the ReferralGENIE™website for more information and a free trial of their referral generation service.