How Does ReferralGENIE™ Help Generate Tons of Referrals?

Referral Genie
October 26th, 2015

Referral Process

Why is it that we might expect our past clients to give us referrals from their friends and family members, when our own family most often doesn’t do this simple task?  Over 86% of the agents that use our system have admitted in our on-boarding questionnaire that they do not ask their own family for referrals?  WHAT!  That sounds like a no-brainer.  In the book ‘Success as Real Estate Agents for Dummies’, by Dirk Zeller he tells a story of one of his top agents who thought that it was not necessary to ask family members for referrals as they should just ‘know’.  Weeks went by and radio-silence from his coaching client.  Dirk reached out to him and discovered that his top client was embarrassed to call him back as he actually did what Dirk suggested and received THREE REFERRALS, from his own mother from who he had never received any in his career. Don’t live in the above fantasy world.

The moral to the story above is in fact, that it is necessary to ‘ask’.  Asking does not have to be picking up the phone and verbally asking your client for a referral.  It can be as simple as staying top of mind.  That’s how ReferralGENIE™ works.  It’s simple.  Continually provide valuable and consistent messaging during the home ownership life-cycle of your ‘happy’ clients, from you – their trusted real estate professional and they will in fact remember you.  Splash on top of that a little casual referral solicitation and that is exactly how our service works.  Home Owners Love our ‘Total Home Support’ membership for their homes, as it allows them:

  • Un-Biased Answers
  • Appliance Recall Monitoring
  • Save Tons on Great Deals before and after the ‘Big Move’
  • 24/7 Property Emergency Hotline
  • Patent Pending Smart Phone App.
  • Home Maintenance and Moving Reminder System

The best part – is everything is branded to you the agent.  Happy Clients will refer – especially when you casually ask them to via our powerful messaging.  Curious?  Click here to request a demo




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