Reciprocity-The Name of the Game!

Referral Genie
October 28th, 2015

ReciprocityReciprocity is the name of the game.  See the image snip-it here from a Google Search.

How can you effectively generate more systematic and targeted business from your clients and business partners?

Let’s say you work with a locksmith from time to time.  Did you know that the most common thing that new home owners actually do when they move into a new home (and definitely should!) is have the locks changed.  They will typically – go to Google, and type in “locksmith” and click the first person on the list and WHAMMO;  he will most likely get the business.  Good for him, but that unfortunately does not help you.

  1. Let’s say in the same scenario that this same home owner happens to be YOUR client. If you provide to your client some referrals and deals of local vendors in a move-in packet, now you’ve accomplished something powerful.  Many top agents, will leave a packet such as this waiting for their client to find when they move into their new home.  One of our top loved features of ReferralGENIE™ leverages this for the thousands of agents in our network in a powerful way.  If you are an agent that averages 25 transaction a year. And we know that 90% of home owners have their locks changed, you are giving your locksmith buddy 22 new clients ever year in a purely automated fashion.  Who do you think he is going to refer all his business to?
  2. Let your business partners know that you are referring business to them, and that simply put – you expect referrals in return. Period. It may sound unnecessary, however we’ve all heard the expression ‘ask and you shall receive’.
  3. We believe as do the thousands of agents in our network, that automation and consistently reminding your partners that you in fact exist and that they are doing their friends and family a favor in letting you handle their large purchase of a home. Ask your business partners for referrals of their friends and family.  You just might be surprised with the outcome!

10/29/2015 1:13:37 PM